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About the Author

Lena Kain grew up in Southern California and graduated with a B.A. in Creative Writing with honors from the University of La Verne in 2006.  A year later, she self-published her first novel, Of Another Kind. Lena went on to work as a Technical Editor and Writer through various contractors, while continuing to publish fiction and fulfill her passion as an author.

Twinfang Books
was established by Lena Kain in 2010 as the publishing company for novels, ebooks, audio books, and media created by the author, affiliated artists, and business partners.

About the Artist

Stephanie Lesniak is currently the artist and colorist for Blazin’ Brandy™, a graphic novel series produced by Scrap Pictures, where her latest projects and artwork can be viewed.

She has worked in the art departments of various companies in the entertainment industry to-date, including Cartoon Network, Klasky Csupo, and TopCow comics. Stephanie contributes piece by piece illustrations for Twinfang Books but, as readers will come to know, artistic talent like hers is worth waiting for.

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