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Of Another Kind

     17-year old Achak Twinfang already feels like he is a species away from the adult world.  He did not need to grow a tail and whiskers to discover that.  Then came Manu Firdaus, a wealthy man and collector of endangered species, who arranges to have Achak brought to his animal sanctuary, Domestica. 

     There, Achak will be forced to transmogrify into his second nature.  Fur and fangs: Achak's kind is supposed to be extinct.  But so much the better for Manu.

     Now Achak will become an exhibit of Domestica if he does not learn how to change himself back into a human.  However, only when one of Manu's bounty hunters double-crosses him can Achak escape Manu's menagerie, but he'll have to continue running on all fours to maintain his freedom.

On the other hand, it would put your species where it belongs on the extinction list.

Sirena Faulkoner


The least you could do is have some pride for your species.

Lapidar Gray


I can't promise you that I won't bite.

Achak Twinfang


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